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What Will LeBron James Decide?

WOSU's Steve Brown and Thomas Bradley discuss NBA free agency, LeBron James, the World Cup and the MLB All-Star game.

NBA free agency is underway, and no name is bigger than LeBron James. He is deciding between Miami and Cleveland, and the entire sports world is on edge about his decision. While no decision has been made yet, sources tell various outlets that a decision will be coming soon. WOSU Public Media’s Steve Brown and Thomas Bradley talk to Rob Oller about “The King.”

While LeBron may have the headlines in the United States, there is still World Cup soccer to be played in Brazil. More specifically, the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. After The Score talks to Adam Jardy about the World Cup and Columbus Crew soccer.

Baseball’s All-Star game is this weekend, and Steve and Thomas discuss whether the pageantry of the game has lost it’s allure over the years. How is the format different as of late, and what does the outcome of this game mean?

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