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Jack Nicklaus And The Memorial Tournament

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images Sport

The Memorial Tournament is in full swing, Jack Nicklaus is still the greatest golfer ever and Buckeye football is staying busy with recruiting.

Dublin, Ohio is filled with golfers and golf fans alike, as the Memorial Tournament has begun. Tournament host and founder Jack Nicklaus spoke with Thomas Bradley and other reporters before play began this week. He talked about a wide variety of topics including a long drive contest, his grand kids, the golf course and, of course, his golf game. WOSU Public Media’s Thomas Bradley and Steve Brown discuss the state of golf, the state of the Memorial Tournament and the absence of one key golfer in the field in 2014.

Sports Psychology (7:01)

Later, Ann Fisher from All Sides with Ann Fisher is a guest contributor on After the Score, as she interviews Todd Kays, a sports psychologist specializing in golf psychology. Columbus Dispatch sports writer Rob Oller joins Ann to talk about the physical transformation in the world of golf.

Sports, and specifically golf, are very mental games. Some have all the physical talents needed to play golf at a high level, but lack a mental attitude that goes along with being a champion. How can a sports psychologist help with problems between the ears?

Buckeye Football (16:25)

There’s no football being played right now, but that doesn’t mean Ohio State Football coaches aren’t busy. They are out and about recruiting high school athletes, convincing them to join the Buckeye family. We talk to Buckeye Sports Bulletin writer Ben Axelrod about the offseason.

What does the class of 2015 look like right now for Ohio State? What did the class of 2014 look like at this time last year?

What two players are no longer on the team because of a violation of team rules?

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