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Anthony Padgett

General Manager

Anthony Padgett joined WOSU Public Media in March 2023. He previously served as the president and CEO of South Carolina ETV (SCETV).

Under his leadership at SCETV, the dual licensee, statewide public media network expanded both its national reach and its statewide impact. Padgett encouraged the use of SCETV’s robust broadcast infrastructure to address important issues, such as South Carolina’s existing digital divide. Through initiatives, like datacasting, at-home-learning and wireless hotspot and local broadband projects, the network leveraged its unique assets to better serve the citizens of the state and strengthen local partnerships.

Padgett has also worked to move the needle on diversity, equity and inclusion in the public media system. In 2019, he participated in the prestigious Diversity Leaders’ Initiative at Furman University’s Riley Institute. Inspired by the experience, Padgett collaborated with the Riley Institute to establish a public media-focused version of the program. Launched in spring 2021, the Public Media Diversity Leaders’ Initiative incorporates collaborative exercises, scenario analyses and audio/visual tools to introduce strategic diversity, equity and inclusion frameworks to guide development of actionable plans for leaders in public media.

Before joining SCETV, Padgett served as chief operating officer for Georgia Public Broadcasting, where his responsibilities included technology services, content creation and distribution, digital and education innovations and business services.

Padgett is an active member of the American Public Television Board of Trustees, the Greater Public Board of Directors, the National Educational Broadcasting Service Association Board, the National Educational Telecommunications Association Board and its Finance committee, Vice Chair of the Joint Licensee Group, the Public Media Business Association Board, the Organization of State Broadcast Executives.