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Songs We Love: Jason Isbell, '24 Frames'

Jason Isbell's new album, <em>Something More Than Free</em>, comes out July 17.
David McClister
Courtesy of the artist
Jason Isbell's new album, Something More Than Free, comes out July 17.

Are you ready to connect with those you love? And are you ready to realize that in order to stay connected, you have to put in serious effort and commitment? Then Jason Isbell has just the song for you.

In the tightly woven "24 Frames," the first single from Isbell's new album Something More Than Free (out July 17), the subtle harmonies of vocalist/violinist Amanda Shires perfectly accent Isbell's harsh and heartbreaking twang — and, at the same time, offer a delicate foil to the strident electric guitar.

Isbell's songwriting seems more deliberate than ever: It's clear he took his time and crafted "24 Frames" with a tremendous amount of care. There's not an errant word or punctuation mark to be found. A couple months ago, Isbell tweeted, "I think these songs are better than the Southeastern batch" — which is saying a lot, given how widely loved that album has become. If we're to judge by "24 Frames," he might be right.

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