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Ohio State trustees to consider tuition, fee increases during Friday meeting

An Ohio State University sign.
Angie Wang

The Ohio State University's Board of Trustees will consider increases in tuition, along with other fees during a meeting scheduled to happen on Friday afternoon.

The trustees will consider a 3% increase in tuition for incoming students who are residents of Ohio. It would bring in-state tuition to $12,859 per academic year. Out-of-state tuition would increase to $38,365 per year. Room and board fees would also increase by 3% for incoming students.

The recently passed state budget capped Ohio public college and university tuition increases at 3%.

OSU blames inflations and flat state funding for the need the need to raise tuition. Because of The Ohio State Tuition Guarantee which began in the fall of 2017, in-state students currently enrolled would not see a tuition or room and board increase.

The meeting will take place at WOSU Headquarters, located at 1800 North Pearl Street.

The meeting will be an available via livestream.

Further information regarding Friday's meeting is available on the OSU Board of Trustees' website.

Jared Clayton Brown joined the WOSU News team in November 2022. He spent seven years working for the Fox and NBC affiliate stations in Louisville and three years with the CBS affiliate station in Columbus.