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Columbus Education Association files an unfair labor practice charge against Columbus City Schools

 Columbus educators protest the city’s tax abatement policies on April 20, 2022 at Goodale Park.
Renee Fox
Columbus educators protest the city’s tax abatement policies on April 20, 2022 at Goodale Park.


The Columbus Education Association (CEA) filed an unfair labor practice chargewith the State Employment Relations Board alleging that the Columbus City School district has illegally reassigned educators whose primary job assignment is to advocate for homeless youth from their union positions to non-union positions and has effectively stripped these educators of their contractual rights and protections.

Amy Bradley, a Project Connect educator affected by the Board’s decision, said that de-professionalizing her department, "tells her students they deserve less: less professionalism, less stability, and less oversight." She asks, “why would the District destabilize a department that seeks to stabilize education for our most vulnerable youth? How is that equitable? How does that serve the whole child?”

The CEA said they believe that this decision violates Ohio Revised Code Sections 4417.11(A)(1) and (A)(5) and serves as another example of the Board’s refusal to prioritize safe, properly maintained, fully resourced schools for students.

Columbus City SchoolS responded in an email, saying in part, "All of our students, including our homeless students, receive instruction from our dedicated, licensed teachers. Non-instructional support for our homeless students can be appropriately provided by District non-teaching employees. The District has created new employment classifications within the classified civil service, an Academic Youth Support Advocate and a Student Services Program Coordinator, to provide these necessary supports to our students and families experiencing homelessness. No student will receive any lesser services than provided in the past.”