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School Board Races And Critical Race Theory Attracted Some Gahanna Voters On Election Day

Joe Shlabotnik

More than 3,500 poll workers reported to 323 voting locations Tuesday morning, and as of Tuesday afternoon, Franklin County Board of Elections spokesman Aaron Sellers said overall things are going well.

At a Gahanna polling location on Havens Corners Road voters lined up at 6:30 AM when it opened.

Turnout in the morning was steady but lighter than in 2020. Democrat Nancy Williams cast her vote for school board races because she's concerned the animosity concerning Critical Race Theory will hurt school curriculum.

“To make sure the right people get on there,” Williams said. “To make sure that people understand what the issues are instead of just hearing the dog whistle terms used for the CRT for one thing.”

On the other side, conservative voter Robert Manalo said he wants to make sure board members oppose any CRT lessons.

“Critical race theory should not be taught because I think it just creates division especially for the younger kids,” Manalo said.

CRT is not taught in any K through 12 Ohio schools.

Polls close at 7:30 PM today. Voters who are in line at their assigned precinct by that time will be allowed to vote. Voters who requested a mail-in ballot and didn't have it postmarked by the deadline yesterday need to bring it to the Franklin County Board of Elections at 1700 Morse Rd by 7:30 PM.

"We've got a dropbox here," Sellers said. "We've got a drive-through lane for voters that are coming to drop that off. So we're prepared to take those."

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