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Fired Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy Back In Court On Monday

Former Columbus Police officer Adam Coy was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with the murder of Andre Hill.
Franklin County Jail

The former Columbus police officer charged with murdering an unarmed Black man is due in court on Monday.

Adam Coy has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the December death of Andre Hill.

The 47-year-old Hill, who was Black, was fatally shot by Coy, who is white, on Dec. 22 of last year. Hill was shot as he emerged from a garage holding up a cellphone.

A trial date could be set at today's hearing. In Coy's last court hearing the judge declined a request to move his trial out of Columbus.

Body camera footage shows Coy firing his gun just seconds after Hill turned around to face officers with a cell phone in his hand. Hill was unarmed. Another officer at the scene has said she did not think Hill posed a threat of any kind. Coy has pleaded not guilty.

Coy and other officers at the scene also neglected to administer first aid to Hill for more than 10 minutes after the shooting.

Both Coy's failures to activate his bodycam and provide aid were cited by the city of Columbus in its decision to fire him the week after Hill's death.

Coy has been charged with murder, reckless homicide, felonious assault and dereliction of duty charges.

In May, the City of Columbus agreed to pay $10 million to Hill's family. The payout is the largest in the city's history.