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Ohio State Highway Patrol Soon To Step Up "Move Over Law" Enforcement

Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser driving
Raymond Clarke

Ohio drivers will see more officers on the road starting Sunday as the Ohio Highway Patrol begins a high visibility enforcement campaign for the state’s Move Over Law.

The Move Over Law requires drivers to switch lanes if possible when they are approaching a vehicle with flashing lights parked on the roadside.

Lieutenant Craig Cvetan says officers will focus on assisting motorists who are stopped along roadways while also monitoring for violations. He says sometimes a second trooper in the area will also be on the look out.

“Just looking at our numbers from 2014 to 2018, troopers were involved in 56 crashes that appear to be related to the Move Over Law, and as a result of those crashes two civilians were killed and 29 were injured," Cvetan said.

Cvetan says officers will focus local efforts on their area’s most problematic roadways. The five states bordering Ohio are also conducting similar campaigns through July 27.