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Water Restrictions Lifted At Mount Carmel Grove City

At least 14 Mount Carmel Grove City patients have been diagnosed with Legionnaires, which often causes severe flu-like symptoms.

Water restrictions have been lifted on all patient floors at Mount Carmel’s new Grove City hospital, although health officials consider searching for the source of legionella bacteria that fueled an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.In a statement released Thursday, Mount Carmel Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Richard Streck said the health system was using water filters to block the transmission of legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’.

“We are in the process of implementing a long-term solution to ensure legionella is effectively controlled moving forward,” Streck said. “The long-term solution includes multiple barriers, including secondary disinfection and extensive testing.”

Also on Thursday, a private law firm identified the lone Mount Carmel patient to die following a Legionnaires’ diagnosis. Attorneys identified her to several media outlets as Deanna Rezes, 75, of Grove City. Her attorneys say she was admitted May 18 for hypertension, then readmitted May 28. She died June 2.

At least 13 other Mount Carmel Grove City patients have been diagnosed with Legionnaires’, which often causes severe flu-like symptoms. The first patient diagnosed was admitted April 29, the same day the hospital opened.