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Teen Suspected In Shooting That Killed One, Injured Another

Police car lights

Columbus Police say a teenager is responsible for a shooting that killed a boy and injured a girl near an East Side elementary school Wednesday evening.Police say Jaykwon Sharp, 14, died about an hour after officers responded to reports of a shooting in the area of 1444 Shady Lane Road, just north of East Livingston Avenue. Police say a 14-year-old girl was also found shot but is expected to recover.

Detectives think the incident began with an argument between Sharp and another teenager. Police say they’ve identified a 13-year-old suspect, who they did not name.

"A 13-year-old is out there carrying a weapon and so willing to use it to settle a dispute," said interim police chief Tom Quinlan at a press conference Thursday. "We do see teens younger and younger willing to carry weapons and use them and that's why we need the public's support."

The shooting happened near Shady Lane Elementary School, but police do not think the shooting was related to the school.

In a statement Thursday, Columbus City Council president Shannon Hardin said he was "angry" about the incident and called for reforms.

"We need to do what is right to get guns out of our neighborhoods," Hardin wrote. "It is tragic that an 8th grader is dead and another in the hospital, it will be a far greater tragedy if we learn nothing and change nothing to address the free flow of guns in Ohio.”

The shooting is considered Columbus’ 43rd homicide of 2019.

Story updated 4:02 p.m.