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DeWine Plans Executive Orders Immediately After Taking Oath

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine
Jay LaPrete

Mike DeWine says Ohioans won’t have to wait long to see some of what he’s going to do as governor.

DeWine has talked up children’s initiatives and the opioid crisis as priorities in his agenda and his budget, and introduced cabinet members key to those plans.

But he’s also planning to issue several executive orders right after he officially becomes governor on Monday morning.

“We want to hit the ground running, so you’re going to see – I’m sworn in at 12:01am and you’re going to see shortly after that a couple of executive orders to get us moving," DeWine said in an interview for "The State of Ohio" this weekend.

DeWine won’t give any clues what those might be.

Among the orders that expire when Gov. John Kasich leaves office is one that bans discrimination of transgender people. Kasich signed it only last month, reversing his own order from 2011, which removed gender identity from former Gov. Ted Strickland’s anti-discrimination policy.