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OhioHealth Announces New Clinics For Underserved Seniors

Senior Airman Areca T. Wilson
U.S. Air Force

OhioHealth announced it will open three new health clinics in underserved areas around Columbus. 

The Linden, Hilltop and East Side neighborhoods will all get primary care centers for at-risk seniors.

"Primary care access was really limited in those areas," says Michael Krouse, vice president for OhioHealth. 

Krouse says middle- to low-income seniors tend to face complex health challenges that require frequent doctor’s visits. 

"We felt that if we really wanted to make a difference in the lives of the communities that we serve, those were the right places to go," he says.

He hopes the primary care locations will make it easy for seniors to get to the clinic, which would result in fewer emergency room visits and better health outcomes.

The clinics are slated to open in fall 2019.