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Ohio Becomes First State To Permanently Display Constitution In Capitol

For the first time, Ohio’s two constitutions are on display at the Statehouse, in an exhibit opened on the eve of the original constitution’s signing 216 years ago.

The 1802 constitution and the subsequent one from 1851 are housed in the Statehouse museum, in a protective case that also allows them to be easily seen, along with interactive displays on how they’ve changed over time.

Ohio History Connection CEO Burt Logan said this is the kind of exhibit he wants to create for many of the artifacts in the state’s custody.

“Not unlike a library where citizens can take off of open shelves books on any and every subject so to become more and better informed, so too very soon will Ohioans be able to access the real stuff of history in a very personal and direct way,” Logan said.

This is the first time any state capitol has created a permanent public display of its founding documents.