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Audit Says Village Of Brice Failed To Maintain Speeding Ticket Records

Wikimedia Commons
The village of Brice in southeastern Franklin County is well known for being a "speed trap."

One of Central Ohio’s best-known speed traps is drawing sirens from the Ohio Auditor's office.

If you travel through the tiny village of Brice in southeast Franklin County, it’s easy to understand why people get speeding tickets on Refugee Road, where the speed limit suddenly drops by 10 miles per hour.

In 2016, Brice reported $171,611 in collections from speed camera citations. That's 73 percent of the village’s general fund, and 55 percent of governmental activities revenues. 

Even with all that money in the bank, an audit released Tuesday by Ohio Auditor Dave Yost says Brice Police Chief Bud Bauchmoyer failed to keep a record of which speed camera images he approved to be used in collections, making it impossible for auditors to verify the accuracy.

"A prudent police chief would keep a complete record of every citation, especially given the level of scrutiny placed on the village's ticketing practices," Yost wrote in an emailed statement.

The report did not recommend criminal charges. The village’s response says officials will work to ensure better controls in the future.