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Ohio's Next Execution On Schedule For Mid-September

death chamber

After a three-year break from executions, Ohio is scheduled to execute its second inmate this summer after a denial of clemency by Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich denied mercyfor Gary Otte, 45 of Indiana, convicted of killing Robert Wasikowski and Sharon Kostura in two days of robberies in Parma in 1992.

Otte’s lawyers had claimed severe bullying as a child led to drug abuse and depression, but Kasich agreed with the parole board's unanimous vote siding with the state's argument that Otte had rejected positive paths available to him.

Otte is set to be executed September 13. Ronald Phillips’ execution in July was the first in three years, and came after the US Supreme Court upheld Ohio’s three drug mixture.

Kasich also announced the November execution of Alva Campbell, Jr. remains on schedule, but the next three are slightly delayed after a review of the schedule and the court ruling.