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Passed Over For State Tax Credits, Columbus Filmmakers Demand Caps

A film set for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in Cleveland.
Wikimedia Commons
A film set for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in Cleveland.

Columbus filmmakers are frustrated with the uneven distribution of tax credits this fiscal year. With 75 percent of the credits going to just two projects in Cleveland, leaders in the Central Ohio film industry are asking the state to consider changing the rules. 

Every year, Ohio film makers can apply for part of the $40 million pot the state set aside for film tax credits.

In the past, that money has been spread across various film projects, but this year $30 million of that $40 million was funneled to just two projects, both of which are filming in Cleveland.

Film commissioner John Daugherty says that is not good for the rest of the cities.

"There are several films that have applied for the Columbus area," Daugherty says. "And because of these two projects that are eating up most of the tax credits, more than likely they're not going to qualify for the tax credit, which means they're not going to shoot here."

Daugherty and other leaders in the Columbus film industry are asking the state to cap the amount of tax credits any individual film project can receive. They say this would allow more films to come to Ohio, providing more jobs and a faster growing film industry in the process.