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Painkiller Database Getting Boost From Ohio State Medical Software

prescription medicine pills spilling out of a bottle

Leaders at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center says they’re trying to make it easier for doctors and nurses to comply with a law meant to curb doctor shopping and painkiller abuse. 

The 2015 law established the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System. It’s an online database for doctors and others to provide information about who’s getting pills that could be abused.

The law requires doctors to check the database to see a patient’s prescription history before recommending painkillers.

An audit last year found more than 10,000 Ohio doctors weren’t using the database, or weren’t using it correctly.

Officials at the Wexner Medical Center say they’ve integrated the database with existing software, so doctors can check prescription history without logging in and doing a separate search.

Ohio State says it’ll also provide the service to other hospitals that purchase medical record services from OSU.

Ohio leads the nation in opiate overdose deaths.