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With Conventions In Rear View, Campaigns Turn To Ohio

WOSU composite

It isn't taking long for Democrats to turn from Philadelphia to Ohio.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, fresh off accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for president and vice president, have two campaign stops in Ohio this weekend. They'll start in Youngstown on Saturday and continue to Columbus on Sunday.

As the DNC was wrapping up, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said that the stop in Youngstown is key.

“This is a very important Democratic stronghold and obviously trade’s a big issue there, and Trump is talking this game about trade as if he’s been someone who created jobs in our country. And we know when he had to manufacture shirts and ties, he did it in China, he did it in Bangladesh,” Pepper says.

The blue-collar Youngstown area voted heavily for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, but backed Trump in this year’s Republican primary over Gov. John Kasich.

Franklin County also leaned heavily for Obama.

Republicans are also setting up shop in Ohio. GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence rallies Friday in Lima at the University of Northwestern Ohio.

Donald Trump rallied in Toledo on Wednesday.

Information from WKSU was used in this report