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Rubber Baseball Field Brings Disabled Kids Up To Bat

Buddy Ball League of Grove City
A Buddy Ball team poses on the Mirolo Dream Field during its opening celebration Saturday.

The Mirolo Dream Field in Grove City has a rubber infield and outfield built to be more accessible than dirt or grass. It opened on Saturday. 

The field will primarily be used by a league called Grove City Buddy Ball, which serves kids and adults with disabilities. The hard rubber surface makes the field accessible for people who rely on wheelchairs and crutches.

League President Michael DiBlasi said the rubber field will give kids an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have.

"It gives them something to look forward to and gives them the opportunity to learn new things that they wouldn't otherwise learn and I would never say athletics would replace school but you can teach things on a baseball diamond that you can't teach in a classroom," DiBlasi said.

DiBlasi said a similar league and field exists in Dublin. This summer, the Mirolo Dream Field plans to host Saturday games for almost 100 kids.

"It's just an awesome experience when you see those kid's faces out there," DiBlasi said. "I can't even describe it."