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Biden Uses Jeni's To Tout New Overtime Rule

Esther Honig
Vice President Joe Biden stands with Jeni's employee and the company's CEO and founder Jeni Britton Bauer.

Soon more workers will be eligible for overtime pay. On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden made the formal announcement at the headquarters for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s here in Columbus.

This was the Vice President’s second visit to the Columbus ice cream company. Together with Ohio US Senator Sherrod Brown and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, Biden outlined new measures that determine who qualifies for overtime pay.

Currently, anyone making a salary of $23,660 or more does not qualify for overtime pay. Many workers who are expected to clock 50 or even 60-hour weeks still don't receive a salary that can support themselves or their families. Biden says this new regulation ensures that these employees are fairly compensated.

"If you’re actually working beyond the 40-hour week, until you reach a salary $47,500, you gotta get compensated for that time, that you were working beyond the 40 hour week," said Biden.

Biden says the Jeni's headquarters was selected for this event because the company has already committed to paying workers a fair salary and needed overtime. Biden pointed to how founder and CEO, Jeni Britton Bauer took initiative before the new regulations were enacted. 

“you concluded that, not only for the benefit of the people that work for you, but for the benefit of the company, that when you have workers who are committed and happy and being treated fairly, they do better,” said Biden.  

Senator Brown says the new regulation will effect 4 million Americans and 134,000 workers in Ohio. Opponents to the change, like Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberi, say the regulation will force employers to cut hours and could limit opportunities for employees.