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Columbus Zoo's Polar Bear Cub Named Nora After Public Vote

Grahm S. Jones
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Here's Nora!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The 3-month-old female polar bear cub at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will be named Nora.

The central Ohio zoo says that's a mixture of her parents' names, Nanuq and Aurora.

The cub was born Nov. 6. Her twin died shortly after birth. Nora has been hand-reared since her mother began neglecting her. She's grown to 18 pounds and has learned to run and to splash in a tub.

The other name options considered for her were Desna, Kaya and Sakari. The zoo says Nora was chosen through a public vote online that ended this week after it collected more than 88,000 votes, with 115 countries represented.

Zoo president and CEO Tom Stalf says he hopes people following Nora's story remember the importance of protecting polar bears in the wild.