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New Report Shows Some Ohioans Going Hungry

A new report shows some Ohioans are going hungry because they can’t meet the work requirements of the food stamp program. Advocates for the poor are asking state leaders to take action.

Democratic State Representative Dan Ramos wants Republican state leaders to request a waiver for the work requirement for some Ohioans who are physically or mentally unable to work, or live in high unemployment areas.

“If there aren’t enough jobs to go around, then that’s our fault. And these human beings that live in these communities shouldn’t be punished for the inaction or inadequate action to create jobs, recruit jobs and bring jobs to Ohio by politicians in Columbus.”

Ben Johnson with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services says the work requirement does not apply to children, the elderly, parents with dependent children, pregnant women, or those who are not mentally or physically fit for work. Johnson says the requirement has been waived in counties where the two-year average unemployment rate is at least 20% higher than the national average but the state does not qualify for a statewide waiver.