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Ohio AG Wants Action Blocking Robo-Calls

JonJon2K8 (flickr)

Ohio’s Attorney General is one of 45 nationwide who are asking major phone companies to take action to block robo-calls. 

A.G. Mike DeWine says he knows those robo-callsOhioans get, often around dinner time, are frustrating.  He says his office gets thousands of complaints about them every year. So he, and other A.G.’s, are asking phone companies to block those calls.

“They have the technical ability today to do it. There’s been a clarification from the F.C.C. that it is alright to do this blocking, so I think it’s time for the phone companies to do it,” DeWine says.

Until that happens, DeWine urges Ohioans who want to avoid these calls to sign up for the “do not call” list. He says that should stop phone calls from companies that abide by the federal law.