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OSU Trustees Put Brakes On Student Costs

Tom Borgerding
OSU Trustees Vote For Tuition Freeze And Grant Aid

Ohio State University Board of Trustees today voted to put brakes on students college costs. Trustees voted to freeze tuition and fees and give grants to more than 12,000 in-state students.

While some universities in Ohio and in the Big Ten conference have passed tuition freezes,  OSU vice president, Dolan Evanovich, claims the university is among the first to combine tutition and fee freezes with additional student grants.

"The combination of freezing the whole cost of attendance and adding grant aid. I am not aware of any that are doing this and that is really a game changer in the marketplace," says Evanovich.

OSU charges more than $10,000 dollars for in-state tuition and fees. The costs have remained stable since the 2012-2013 school year. University president Michael Drake says the grants to in-state students will be funded in part by savings negotiated in an office supplies contract.

"One of the the things we did is negotiate our office supplies contract and that gave us a million dollar advance from the new contract and we can take that and put that directly into the pockets of our students which is great," says Drake.

Drake says OSU will boost student aid by $15-million dollars this year.