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House Adds Ban On Powdered Alcohol To Bill Outlawing Powdered Caffeine


The Ohio House has voted overwhelmingly to outlaw powdered caffeine. But changes representatives made to the bill mean it has to go back to Senators for their approval.

The House added in a ban on powdered alcohol to the bill outlawing powdered caffeine. Republican Jim Buchy of Greenville in western Ohio approved of the bill.

“We are removing two options for mayhem in drug usage in Ohio,” said Buchy.

Democrat Ron Gerberry of the Youngstown area proposed adding in the powdered alcohol ban.

“We will join 13 other states in either banning or regulating powdered alcohol as of today,” Gerberry said.

But since the Senate only approved the ban on powdered caffeine, Senators will need to sign off on the change. Previous House attempts to ban powdered alcohol haven’t come up for votes in the Senate.