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Task Force To Release Recommendations On Police/Community Relations

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The task force has heard complaints about heavy-handed policing, and what some call the targeting of minorities.

A task force studying police-community relations in Ohio is expected to release its recommendations Wednesday afternoon.

Governor John Kasich formed the panel last year. 

The formation of the task force late last year followed several police-involved shootings in Ohio and around the country. 

It also came on the heels of a year-long report by the U.S. Justice Department calling for reforms within the Cleveland Police Department, including a commitment to community policing.

The DOJ spent 18 months investigating use of force policies in Cleveland after a series of well-publicized incidents, including the killing of two unarmed civilians in a hail of police gunfire after a high-speed chase.

Meetings have been held around the state, and have featured many residents of minority communities expressing frustrations about current relations between police and the communities they’re sworn to protect.

Ohio’s attorney general formed another task force to study police training.