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Kasich "More And More Serious" About Presidential Campaign

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The Republican govenor has made recent trips to New Hapmshire and South Carolina.

After spending time in the key presidential primary state of New Hampshire, Gov. John Kasich took more questions about his possible presidential campaign on national TV this weekend.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, where 16 years ago Kasich announced he’d formed an exploratory committee to run for president in 1999, Kasich said he still hadn’t decided, but was weighing his options with two main thoughts in mind.

“My family is a consideration, and number two – what’s the most important thing? What does the Lord want me to do with my life?” Kasich said. 

Kasich did say he has more experience than anybody in the field, and said he’s pleased about fliers that were distributed at a Republican summit in New Hampshire this weekend slamming his support of Medicaid expansion.

He says they showed that “someone is taking me seriously.”