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With Contracts Approved, Reynoldsburg Teachers Return To Classroom

Reynoldsburg public school teachers and the city's school board have approved a new contract, ending a three-week-long strike. For five hours Thursday teachers went through a proposed contract agreement that had been hammered out between the union and the Reynoldsburg school board. The vote that followed was decisive says teachers’ spokeswoman Kathy Evans. "It was an overwhelming vote to ratify the contract," Evans says.

Thursday night the Reynoldsburg Board of Education unanimously approved the contract, sending teachers back to the classroom. The three-year contract addresses class sizes and provides cost-of-living raises for teachers. "We voted for base pay increases of 2% in the first year, 1.6% next year and 1.9% for the teachers the following year," Evans says.

Friday classes were cancelled so that teachers could prepare for classes on Monday.