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Port Columbus TSA Agents Seize Weapons

Federal agents confiscated a loaded handgun at a Port Columbus checkpoint on Sunday. Its the eleventh time this year a passenger was caught with a firearm inside a carry-on bag. Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mark Howell says agents are also confiscating smaller less noticeable weapons. At Port Columbus and other U.S. airports, security personnel are seeing more so-called "credit card knives." TSA spokesman Howell says passengers often carry the devices in their wallets or purses and forget about them as they pass through security. "Basically, a small credit card sized weapon that basically unfolds, the blade will come out, it will butterfly out, and you fold the rest of it around and it makes a little knife, basically," says Howell. Howell says the credit card knives are promoted on social media and sometimes used as promotional items at conventions. Howell says both metal and plastic versions can be easily detected. "Yeah, we are able to see that on the image when they are put through the x-ray," says Howell. Howell adds that passengers are subject to potential criminal charges and a fine of up to $11,000 for attempting to carry prohibited items through airport checkpoints.