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Attorney On Threats Made To Kasich: "They Won't Tell Us Anything"

The Ohio Supreme Court has wrapped up arguments over whether threats made against Governor John Kasich are public record. The case follows a 2012 public records request from Plunderbund, the liberal political blog that wanted incident reports for investigations into any threats against the governor. “We don't know what they’re opening, we don’t know what they're doing," argued Victoria Ullman, an attorney representing the blog. "They won’t redact stuff," Ullman added. "They won’t give us anything," William Cole, who argued for the Ohio Department of Public Safety, says that denying the requests was lawful and appropriate. “All threat information is used by the department in protecting the safety and security of the office. That’s all that’s required to trigger the security records statute," Cole said. Ed Fitzgerald, Governor Kasich’s Democratic rival in the November election, is locked in a records dispute with the owner of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Fitzgerald has refused a request from the Northeast Ohio Media Group for records showing how often he used a county-issued key card.