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Ohio Inmate Walks Away From Work Site Along I-70

Spencer Johnson, 28, was picking up trash in Madison County along state Route 70 near mile marker 81 when he slipped away around 2 p.m. The State Corrections Department is working with the Highway Patrol to locate Johnson who was with four other inmates. Corrections spokeswoman Ricky Seyfang did not know how many staff members were with the inmates who she described as low-level offenders. “To be considered a minimum level one offender, to even participate within this program, I can tell you that the community should not be at risk.â€? Seyfang said inmates on work details do not know when or where they will be assigned a job. She said investigators will talk with Johnson’s family and prison associates. “To see if there is any other clues to help us understand if there was any premeditation to this or not," she said. Johnson had been in London Correctional Institution since April. He is serving a three-year sentence for burglary and possessing criminal tools.