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Democrats Back "Pro-Life" Gun Proposal

Two Democrats are blasting back at Republicans for the last-minute insertion into the budget a provision requiring abortion providers give women written notice if there's a detectable fetal heartbeat before the procedure. The bill from Representatives Bob Hagan of Youngstown and Mike Foley of Cleveland would require the Department of Health to conduct a study on the types of injuries that a gun user could cause. And Hagan says gun dealers would be required to provide a copy of that study to a gun buyer. “This is a pro life bill. This is protecting life as we know it," Hagan said. Listening in on Hagan’s news conference was John Coates from Ohio Right to Life, which doesn’t take a position on gun legislation. “We decided to also bring to people’s attention that a great crime, the great crisis exists...that there’s an abortion clinic in walking distance from every urban area in America," Coates said The Democrats and Coates agree that abortion rates have fallen in recent years in Ohio, but Hagan and Foley also say that gun deaths and injuries have been rising at the same time.