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Columbus Names Interim Superintendent

J. Daniel Good says he's ready to lead the 50-000 pupil Columbus Public School district. The 51-year old officially takes over the district Monday following the retirement of Superintendent Gene Harris. Harris announced her retirement amid a data-rigging scandal under investigation by state and federal authorities. Good, who has worked for thirty years in education told reporters today, "Columbus is a city of which I am very proud and for which I care deeply. And if this is a way I can help support our moving forward and provide those students a high quality education and realistic opportunities for a future beyond high school, then that's where I need to be at this point in my life. Good officially takes over for Harris on July 1st. Harris' last day is Friday. School Board President Carol Perkins called Good, "well respected, very focused and intentional in his approach to problem-solving. There are always challenges for every district and different levels of challenges and different difficulties, certainly. Citing his long tenure as a school administrator Good said, "I've worked in public education for thirty years and I can tell you there are no easy situations. Good left the door open for serving beyond his one year contract. "We might consider this a courtship throughout the year, he said. Good also served as Superintendent of Wooster City Schools for four years. Prior to that, Good worked for the Ohio Department of Education in various capacities, including Chief of Improvement Services and Executive Director of the Center for Curriculum and Assessment.