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Changes To OSU's Park-Stradley Hall Follow Alleged Rape

Residents of the Park-Stradley Hall at Ohio State returned after winter break to find their bathrooms modified. WOSU reports the changes follow an alleged rape in one of the bathroom’s this fall. Doors once closed off Park-Stradley’s common bathroom area, where there are sinks and lockers, from the showers and toilet stalls. When residents got back from the holidays those doors had been removed. In October, an 18-year-old woman was allegedly raped in a shower/toilet stall which has its own locking door for privacy. The six other residence halls on campus do not have doors separating the common bathroom area from where students shower and use toilets. But in a statement, Office of Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said there was some feedback when Park-Stradley first opened for the additional privacy – the doors. But Isaacs stated that desire changed as the semester progressed. Isaacs said the changes to Park-Stradley were made so it is consistent with the other OSU residence halls. The locking doors to the shower/toilet rooms, though, remain in place. Ohio State University Police records say DNA evidence cannot exclude the alleged assaulter. But police records indicate the case is closed because the victim “refused to cooperate.â€? The student accused in the assault was dismissed from the university November 29.