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Poll Says Most Ohioans Favor Tax Hike On Drilling Companies

A new poll says a majority of Ohio voters favor increasing the tax on oil and gas drilling companies. The survey by Quinnipiac University says 52 percent of Ohio voters support the tax hike. Support jumps to 62 percent if the tax hike would allow income tax CUTS for Ohioans. The same poll says most Ohioans think the state's new casinos will be good for the state, and most Ohioans do not want to move away from the practice of electing state Supreme Court justices. The poll also says 47 percent of Ohioans oppose same-sex marriage, compared to 45 percent support, and voters are evenly split on legalizing marijuana. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RBDBNXfdyFo#! Click here for more details on the poll from Ohio Public Radio's Bill Cohen.