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Obama, Rubio Stump In Columbus, Offer Differing Views Of Economy

It was a busy day for campaign rallies in Columbus. In his 12th trip to the Buckeye State this year, President Obama told about 4,500 people at Schiller that he’d raise taxes on upper income Americans and would use money saved from fighting wars to reduce the national debt. He said Republicans want to go back to the same economic plan that he said plunged the nation into a recession. "They were happy to talk about all of the things that are wrong with America but they don’t want to talk about how they’d make it right. They want your vote but they don’t want you to know their plan," President Obama said. Obama said he’s already cut taxes, saving the average American family about $3,600 a year. And he said it’s time that some Americans pay a little more right now.

I want to make sure we are asking the wealthiest households to pay slightly higher tax on incomes over 250,000 dollars, the same rate that we had when Bill Clinton was President, when our economy was creating 23 million new jobs, when we had the biggest surplus in history and we had a bunch of millionaires to boot.

Obama said the Republican plan promises lower taxes, increased defense spending, and deficit reduction, but he said it doesn’t add up. "I’m telling you, you cannot make it work. You cannot cross the T’s and dot the I’s on this plan. And Columbus is a town where you’ve got to dot the I." Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wasn’t in Ohio to counter President Obama’s back-to-back visits to Cincinnati and Columbus. Instead, the Romney campaign sent a surrogate – a US Senator who’d been reportedly at the top of Romney’s vice presidential list and a Tea Party favorite. About three hundred people gathered on the Statehouse lawn to hear Florida’s Marco Rubio. “The President will be here in a few minutes – not here, a few blocks away I guess. And he’s finally getting around to doing something about currency manipulation in China. Elections are funny like that. They get people to do stuff they should have done three and a half years ago.â€? And Rubio said another thing Obama should have done years ago is deal with the national debt. Rubio said he’s not only not dealt with the debt as he promised, but that he’s made it worse. And he countered Mr. Obama’s message of building on what his administration has done by saying what the president has built is a huge mountain of debt.

If we stay on the track he’s placed us on – these are his numbers, not mine. These are his ideas, not the ideas I’m making up for him. The president has no – if we stay on the raod he’s outlined for us now, the debt will grow to levels no people have ever seen. And the debt is just part of the problem. You know what’s just as bad as the debt – the interest on the debt.

Rubio talked up the concerns of college graduates having trouble finding work and workers nearing retirement watching their savings dwindle – and noted that things may never be the same again – but said – quoting here “they can actually be better than they’ve ever been." But Rubio said that’s only possible by returning to what he called the principles that made Americans prosperous and different - limited government and free enterprise, which he said Obama doesn’t understand and Romney would embrace.