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Local Activists "Pleased But Guarded" About Obama Directive

Local Hispanic activists are celebrating this morning's decree from the Obama administration that the federal government will no longer seek deportation of immigrants who were brought here as children and don't pose any kind of security risk. But they say the order does not go far enough. Marco Saavedra is an organizer with Undocumented Ohio, which works to help undocumented immigrants. He was pleased about today's announcement. But, he says "for the moment, we're still guarded since we've seen similar announcements in the past, but have been very much let down." The Obama announcement leaves room for interpretation by saying immigration officials will consider deportations on a case-by-case basic. Saavedra and other activists want an executive order offering blanket protections for undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children. Saavedra says he himself could be affected by the policy change since he's under the age of 30, was brought here before the age of 16, and does not have a criminal history.