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Goodale Park Pond Still Losing Water

After more than $144,000 in repairs, the Goodale Park pond is still losing water. Problems with the pond started last year after it was drained to add a fountain. It would not hold water after it was refilled, so the city paid a contractor to treat the pond with bentotite, an expensive clay meant to seal up leaks. But Recreation and Parks assistant director Terri Leist says the pond lost at least four inches of water during the weekend. "We are going to meeting today with the Friends of Goodale Park with the committee that was responsible for the fundraising for the fountain itself," Leist says. "We’ll be meeting with the contractor that put the fountain in, and just talk about some of the things we observed over the weekend." Leist says there’s still a small chance the water loss came from high winds over the weekend. She declined to say who might pay for any future repairs.