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Three Indicted For 2009 Brinks Robbery

A federal grand jury has indicted the three men accused of cutting their way into a Brinks fault in Columbus two years ago.

Prosecutors say Sean Murphy, Josephn Morgan and Robert Doucette hatched the plan to rob the Brinks building on Essex Avenue near downtown Columbus while living in Massachusetts.

That's where an indictment says in January of 2009 the men stole personal documents to rent a truck to drive to Ohio. Court spokesman Fred Alverson says they used it to haul off an undisclosed amount of cash and coins after cutting their way into a vault.

"They broke into the facility after hours, they removed items from the facility, and then they transported what they stole back out of state," Alverson says.

Alverson says the case lagged for two years because it involved several different agencies the men were all from Massachusetts, but the crime happened in Columbus, and the suspects reportedly hid the money in a storage unit in Pennsylvania.

One suspect remains in a Massachusetts prison on unrelated charges, while the other two went into police custody today.

All three face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.