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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Says He'll Seek 4th Term

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said he'll seek re-election next year. If voters approve, Coleman would serve a fourth term and would be in office during the city's bi-centennial celebration.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said despite the nation's worst recession since the Great Depression, the city has remained strong. Coleman was able to convince enough voters to pass the city's first income tax increase in 20 years in 2009 which prevented major cuts to city services and layoffs. But Coleman, who said he will seek a fourth term, said there's still a lot business he wants to tackle.

"We need to build our neighborhoods up and continue to make them the strong areas they need to be because neighborhoods are the lifeblood of the city of Columbus," Coleman said.

Coleman said he also wants to focus on the city's crime rate and hire more police. He was first elected in November of 1999 and took office in January of 2000.