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Ohio Governor's Poll Shows Big Lead For Challenger.

John Kasich 54%. Ted Strickland 37%. That's the snapshot picture that pollsters for Quinnipiac University have found when they talk to likely voters across Ohio. One reason for Kasich's 17 point lead: he's getting the support of key independent swing voters by nearly a two-to-one margin. Another piece of good news for Kasich: Most of the likely voters who prefer a candidate in this poll say they've made up their mind and only 14% say they might change it.

Head pollster Peter Brown says Kasich is "benefiting from the national anti-incumbent, anti democratic wave that seems to be sweeping the country."

The poll shows that by margins of more than 20 points, likely Ohio voters believe Kasich would do a better job rebuilding Ohio's economy and helping fashion a new state budget. And by a margin of 18 points they say he, more than Strickland, shares their values.

Bill Cohen Ohio Public Radio