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Activists In Columbus Debate Federal Budget Policies

The conservatives rallied at the capitol building with a bus they're driving across the country. It was labeled: "spending revolt," and it was covered with comments from taxpayers and activists blasting the nation's growing 13-trillion dollar debt. Rebecca Heimlich, the Ohio Director of Americans for Prosperity."

"We don't have a revenue problem. What we have is a spending problem."

The conservatives argued federal overspending and the growing debt sap money from the private sector and that destroys jobs. Two hours before the conservatives rallied though, liberal activists announced, they're joining a national rally in Washington October 2nd urging policies just the opposite. That drive includes labor unions, civil rights groups and environmentalists. Among those advocates Brian Rothenberg with Progress Ohio. He said federal bailouts preserved jobs and that's the key to economic recovery.

"When a person has a job. They pay their taxes. That solves the deficit problem."

Bill Cohen at the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.