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OSU Coach Works to Boost Safety on Regional Flights

One year ago, Kevin Kuwik of Columbus was in his hometown of Buffalo for his younger brother's wedding on Valentine's Day.

Kuwik who is video coordinator for the Ohio State University men's basketball team, was at the Buffalo/Niagara Falls International Airport on February 12th, waiting for his girlfriend, Lorin Maurer to arrive on Continental Flight 3407. The plane crashed into a house 10 miles from the airport, taking her life, the lives of 48 others onboard and the life of a man in the house.

Since that time, Kuwik and other family and friends of those who died on Flight 3407 have fought to improve safety standards on commuter planes.

Kevin Kuwik is video coordinator for the Ohio State University men's basketball team. On Friday, February 12th, the first anniversary of the crash of Continental Flight 3407, he and other friends and family members of those who died will walk the ten miles from the crash site to the Buffalo airport.

He says they want to symbolically complete the flight for their loved ones, and raise awareness of the need for Congressional approval of tougher safety standards for regional airlines.

A Frontline program about Continental Flight 3407 airs Tuesday night at 10 o'clock on WOSU-TV.