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OSU Student Unable To Reach Family in Haiti

The devastation in Haiti hits home for two Ohio State University students.

Ohio State has reached out to two of its international students both of whom are from Haiti. A 7.0 earthquake struck the country Tuesday night causing major destruction especially in its capital Port-au-Prince. Mauren Miller, who is the communications director for the Office of International Affairs, said the university is extremely sad for its students.

"We know how hard any type of loss or tragedy can be when you are so far from home, and that we are here for them," Miller said.

Miller said of the students is a female graduate student studying engineering. Miller said the woman is very worried about her family.

"She told me that both her mom and dad are over there, and she has been trying to reach them since last night. But to no avail. So she was very upset when she was talking to me on the phone," Miller said.

Miller said she is unsure what part of Haiti the woman's parents live. The other student, Miller said, is an international scholar conducting research. Miller said OSU will make sure any necessary paperwork is in order if either student needs to return to Haiti.