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Investigators Look for Link in Columbus South Side Fires

The Columbus Division of Fire is investigating whether there's a connection between a rash of fires on the city's south side. The most recent occurred over the weekend at an old foundry.

The Chase Foundry fire occurred Saturday night on Parsons Avenue. It's another in a series of fires that began in January. The previous fires occurred in houses on the south side, most of them vacant. Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Chief David Whiting says the fire investigations unit is still searching for evidence that might link the incidents.

"Obviously when we have an area where there's a significant amount of fires," Whiting says, "we look at patterns and see if any of those are tied together."

Chief Whiting says the possible presence of flammable products in the foundry will slow the work of investigators.

"It looks like it's possibly a set fire but we're just trying to sift through and try to find any other information to help us out there," Whiting says.

Whiting says the foundry's remote location might limit the number of people who may have seen suspicious activity.