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American Muslims Come To Columbus

American Muslims assemble at what is termed the largest gathering of Muslims in North America. The three day convention is being held at The Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. The convention is a forum for Muslim Americans to discuss topics such as education, religion, and politics.

Sean Ali, a first time visitor from New Orleans, says that he is in support of the Democratic Presidential nominee, Barack Obama. He says Obama will be a step in the right direction.

"It can't get any worse now and he has said a lot of good things about the Middle East issues. And his foreign policy, I think will benefit Muslims more than John McCain," says Ali.

Secretary General of the Islamic Society of North America, Muneer Fared, says that discussions on politics among Muslims is of importance particularly now.

"This particular convention deals with American politics. There are break out sessions, parallel sessions, in which Muslims would be encouraged to participate, and shown ways in which they would be more effective in their participation," says Fared.