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Ohio Unemployment Jumps In July.

Ohio's jobless rate jumped again in July. The Department of Job and Family Services says unemployment rose to 7.2% of the workforce last month.

"The last time we saw a 7.2 rate was back in December of 1992."

Spokesman Brian Harter says job losses in banking, government, and manufacturing helped drive up the jobless numbers. But, Harter says one industry is hiring.

"There are jobs in Ohio. There's kind of a misconception that there aren't any jobs in Ohio. That's not the case. There are jobs like in the health field, for example, but they require training. We're focusing on getting them educated so they can rejoin the workforce." Says Harter.

Harter adds that the number of Ohioans looking for work last month and unable to find a job numbered 430,000.

Tom Borgerding WOSU News