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Columbus city council to consider job incentives

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and other city leaders are working on bringing new jobs and residential properties to Columbus. The mayor will ask city council Monday night to approve two more job incentive plans that could create 4,300 new jobs in Columbus.

The MORSO Holding Company, an Easton land developer, wants to build one million square feet of office space over the next ten years. Cynthia Rickman with the Ohio Department of Development said MORSO could receive a ten year tax incentive.

"It is based on their agreement to new construction, commercial or industrial facilities there," Rickman said.

MORSO said it would create 4,000 new jobs, which would be located in Easton.

And Rickman estimated the project could bring in about $160 million in salaries by 2017.

While Mayor Coleman has been focused on downtown development, Rickman said any kind economic development for Columbus is welcome.

"There's a lot of space out there, as far as open space. That will enable the city to lure businesses in that area as well. But as far as our downtown is concerned we're excited what's going on in downtown," Rickman noted.

But is Easton taking jobs away from downtown?

Rickman said not really. She said comparing Easton development to downtown development is like comparing apples to oranges.

"They're two different areas that you're talking about. You're talking about something suburban and urban. But both have their own unique characteristics. But they're also great areas to drive economic development," she said.

Rickman said the available real estate in Easton is what draws many businesses to the area.

Mayor Coleman also plans to ask city council to consider legislation that would bring Whirlpool to the Rickenbacker area. That project could create 300 new jobs.