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Ohio State withdraws application for '08 presidential debate

A 2008 presidential debate will not be held in Columbus. Ohio State University decided it was not the right time to try to host the event.

OSU University Relations Vice President Curt Steiner said the school applied first and analyzed later.

"While this would be a very good thing for Columbus to do and Ohio State to host, that money at this time should be spent on something more lasting some more permanent improvements to the community and not just a one time event," Steiner said.

OSU would have had to come up with about $4 million to put on the debate which would've been co-sponsored by NPR and PBS. While Steiner said the university has the capability to raise the money there are other issues at hand like finding its own permanent president.

"Right now we're in transition in leadership. We have not hired a new president yet of Ohio State. And with a site visit that would have to be held now we just were not in a position to set this above other priorities over the university or the community without a permanent president," Steiner said.

But Ohio could still host a debate. The University of Cincinnati is also in contention. Steiner said UC has already begun to raise funds and has its community behind them. The Commission on Presidential Debates will announce in October where the debates will be held.